Jack A. Forsithe

This is the Jack Forsithe story.  Raised in the shadow of Boulder Colorado's Flatirons, Jack’s wealthy father died of a heart attack at the age of eight while his mother indulged herself in the Boulder hippie community, leaving Jack to his own devices. Jack was either watching the clouds roll over the mountains or getting into trouble. 

At the age 18 Jack failed to graduate from Boulder High School despite the efforts of his English teacher, Mrs. Jacqui Goeldner. It was during this time, his mother secretly sold the family house and moved away without a word to Jack. Jack was on his own, living out of the back of his '76 Camaro and could not concenetrate enought to finish his studies.  Jack took a busboy job at the Hungry Farmer restaurant on the outskirts of Boulder. The Hungry Farmer was famous for its Rocky Mountain oysters, super sized watermellon drinks and mercenary guests.  When he wasn't working he was practicing martial arts; Karate, Judo, and Kung Fu.

The Hungry Farmer bar was a meeting place for Robert K. Brown and countless other mercenaries.  After a year of working for busboy wages Jack was off to Africa for a life of a mercenary.

The life of a mercenary smelled of shit and death with the sting of clouds of bugs.  The pay wasn't as great as expected and the camaraderie was scarce and scary.  After stints in Rhodesia, Angola, Oman, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jack mustered out.

He went back to the University of Colorado to study computer science and found it full of possibilities. Then the movie War Games came out and turned Jack on to hacking.  Jack jumped in and loved it.  Before Jack could graduate from the University he was able to turn his hacking skills to good use and started one of the world’s first Cyber Security firms.

With the proceeds from selling his Cyber Security firm, he was able to buy a small island plantation off of Jamaica where he owns a small batch rum distillery.  He indulges his family in the winter in Jamaica and summers on his Scottish estate where fishes salmon, hunts grouse and sips whiskey from his own distillery.  In between seasons he travels the world, if he didn't travel incognito you might spot him in Aspen, Berlin, Boulder, Budapest, Dortmund, London, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Washington D.C.,  or along the Camino de Santiago. Otherwise he passes the time with his girlfriend Sri, a retired Bollywood actress, and his 12 children from previous marriages.

Jack is currently working on a new novel, Fire in the Cloud.