Fire in the Cloud 
A coming Jack A. Forsithe novel

(c) Copyright 2017

Fire in the Cloud is in development.  It is the story of the end of the beginning or as some would call it, a new beginning.  Most of us know the world is not what it seems and never has been or will be.  If you follow this book you can begin to see how it is, for all the good it will do.
Zmox changed everything; he turned the sky red with fire and nearly destroyed the earth in his quest to bring glory and order. Most called him a disaster that cannot be repeated, but some called him the hero of heroes; a strong leader when the world needed a real leader.From the Zighorottiz point of view, time was, is, and always will be cyclical. The constant rise and fall of great dynasties, civilizations and species that sooner or later become lazy, complacent and conquered were evidence. The conquered over time become lazy, complacent and conquered themselves. Zmox would not be conquered, let the sky turn red with fire and end it all if the world would not comport to his vision.

The cycle continues. In the early days dynasties were led by families and their immediate tribes. Later as the Zighorottiz instinctively took the natural dialectic and leaned toward democratic ideals and that structure morphed from ideas of a republic to that more of a laissez faire type of regime that was very much hands off.  That system’s weaknesses were exploited by a few and became intolerable to the many. This led to the rise of strong willed heroes that led the Zighorottiz to structure and glory.  After a while the structure became tiresome, glory meaningless and the pendulum swung to individual praxis, which was not much more than grazing and lazing on beautiful fluffy clouds waiting for a lightning storm to release their sexual energies.

Zmox took the pendulum from one extreme to the other and back again.  This is the story of the end of the beginning or the new beginning.  It is the story of Zmox.