​​​Heart in the Cloud​​

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A Jack A. Forsithe novel
Copyright (C) 2016

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  • The clouds are filled with creatures known only to themselves, the Zighorottiz.  They float along on the clouds looking down on the those other creatures below.  They are solitary and avoid humans. Yet suddenly they find their fates and honor mixed up in the world of humans and something must be done.

  • Joshua Gold is bodyguard and former Navy SEAL.  He is as good any man can be so why does he hijack a Tokyo bound 747 and toss the young Daisy Burrows from the plane?
  • Dr. Mitch Peters is a cracker jack biochemist and geneticist who finds himself falling for Miku. Miku happens to be his boss’s girlfriend and his boss also happens to run the largest Yakuza organization in the world.

  • The story takes place in hectic Tokyo, the quiet power center of Bethesda Maryland, the serene hills of near Scranton Pennsylvania, Patrick’s Point California and along the Camino de Santiago.

  • What do you think the hidden messages are in the story? Are the secret messages in the poems or somewhere else? Contact Jack Forsithe and let him know what you think.